SAM Putting Instructor Certification Level 1

The certification Level1 seminar introduces into the concept of the 6 fundamental aspects of putting. The attendees will receive in depth “hands on” training in the use of SAM PuttLab for measuring and analysing putting, including interpretation of the results reports and the use of putting performance profiles to tailor subsequent training sessions. The seminar will also present a step by step putter fitting protocol.

The objectives of the SAM Level1 certification seminar are amongst others:

  • Data evaluation and example measurement
  • SAM Tour data statistics
  • The 6 fundamentals of putting
  • Basics of PuttLab training
  • Basic Putter Fitting

If you want to learn all about SAM putting analysis and putter fitting, then sign up to become a certified SAM putting instructor Level1.
The course consists of 10 video lessons, total running time is 2:40 hours.

Who should participate? Instructors, Coaches and Club Fitters.

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  • SAM Putting Instructor Certification Level 1

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