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The Putting Instructor certification program of the SAM Academy is the most comprehensive scientific approach to putting ever developed. The concept covers the complete range from the physics of putting, measurement and analysis with SAM PuttLab, the PGA Tour data base, the 6 fundamental aspects of putting, putter fitting or green reading. Also included are practical aspects of putting instruction and corresponding training concepts.

If you want to become the very best at professional putting instruction, then sign up to become a certified SAM putting instructor.
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Feedback from our customers

“I don’t have words to describe how much I enjoyed and learnt about the golf game on the green. Thanks to Dr. Christian Marquardt for his knowledge, patience and taking me to the inside world of the SAM PuttLab. Thoroughly loved it.”
Bamby Randhawa (KGA Karnataka Golf Course, Bangalore/India),
L1 Certified Putting Instructor

“I’ve been using SAM PuttLab for over 7 years, but I wasn’t sure how much more there was to learn. The webinars go far beyond simply using the system. They have really opened my eyes about the way I teach putting and my students will only benefit further from what I have learned. There was also the opportunity to compare different tour players’ data and understanding the numbers behind their success. A very worthwhile couple of days.”
Simon Iliffe (West Kent Golf Club, GB)
L3 Certified Putting Instructor

“I thoroughly enjoyed the Level 1 and 2 certification courses. I think that the SAM PuttLab technology and equipment is absolutely amazing and can’t wait to start teaching with it and also improving my own putting.”
Cameron Fawns (PGA of Canada Golf Pro, Teaching Pro),
L2 Certified Putting Instructor